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100 Greatest Moments in Television - TV Guide - #36 - Jake Johannsen comedy special, “This Will Take About an Hour”
— TV Guide
Jake Johannsen grabs you by the brain. He gently removes it from your cranium, massages it, flips it around and with your perspective now refreshingly askew, he plops it back in and you are a better person for it.
— Theater Jones Arts News
... but his construction, timing and inflection are impeccable. He’s a man who fully grasps the craftsmanship of comedy, and this show still makes me laugh after multiple viewings.
— Martin T
This guy is a kind of nervous visual version of what you’d imagine Gary Larson to be like. But his subtle, offbeat, often sotto voce humor really tickles my funnybone. It’s almost like it’s accidentally funny, but you know he’s a real professional and that it takes lots of practice and hard work. If you can find this TV special (HBO doesn’t seem to have it any more) you’ll enjoy it. TV Guide listed this as one of the 100 Funniest things TV has ever done, and they’re right.
— Rick K.
It’s hard to think how it could be any funnier. Simply brilliant material & delivery prepared by someone who really knows what he’s doing. It’s a shame about the state of comedy otherwise - this guy makes it all work.
— Janhus - IMDB